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MONAPOLY - A Human Trade Game

monapoly game

monapoly game

playing monapoly

New Cartographies

The game MonApoly is a remodelling of the most famous capitalist game. Visually follows Monopoly and the basic scheme of the game, but the contents are completely new. While playing the players obtain new information on the global sex work, important loctions, activist organisations, organised crime gangs that organise the trafficking, etc. The players can finance the constuction of a safe house, support the operation of groups that are fighting for the rights of the sex workers and their programmes or can save a sex slave from Moldova. MonApoly is a new cartography of sex work and human traffixking. Instead of accumulating capital, it explains to the players the geopolitics of sex work in the period of global capitalism and new economy.


> realised by
P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art

> in collaboration
Galerie fur Zeitgenossischer Kunst Leipzig

> produced by
PMCA, Galerie fur Zeitgenossischer Kunst Leipzig

> exhibited
Galerie fur Zeitgenossischer Kunst Leipzig,Leipzig
Sparwasser HQ, Berlin
3. Prague Biennial, Prague
Galerija Škuc, Ljubljana