CODE:RED Sector Zagreb

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CODE:RED Sector Zagreb
Gallery NOVA, Zagreb
24.10. - 21.11. 2003

CODE:RED Sector Zagreb is part of the ongoing
collaborative project CODE:RED, which researchs sex
work as a specific manifestation of the informal
economy. The project CODE:RED Sector Zagreb consists
of research into global human trafficking and the
status of prostitution in Croatia, an exhibition, a
roundtable discussion, and the publication of the
second issue of the international newspaper SEX
WORKER. The project is the result of collaborative
work by the architect Anja Planiseek, Tadej Pogaear,
as well as external consultants. CODE:RED Sector
Zagreb examines questions as the relationship between
the global market of sex work and forced migrations,
economic success in the First World and the
feminization of poverty in the Third World.

Project CODE:RED Sector Zagreb is premiering plans for
the production of the WORKING UNIT Z 01 module, which
is intended to help sex workers in carrying out their
activities. The module is mobile, versatile, and easy
to transport; it can also be easily hooked up to
existing power sources and water and sewage systems.
It is composed of a rigid inner structure made of
joined sheets of aluminum and plastic, with features
in Plexiglas, plastic, and fabric. The basic structure
of the WORKING UNIT Z 01 module has been designed for
easy combination; the units may be enlarged, joined in
a group, or linked end to end. The interior of the
basic module is made up of five zones: hygiene,
reception, lounge, the light zone, and the work zone.
It comes with functional furniture, a bathroom, video
and audio equipment, and a security-communications
system. The interior furnishings are available in a
variety of color combinations and materials. Three
locations have been chosen in Zagreb and surrounding
suburbs which meet most of the functional requirements
and parameters for setting up a cluster of working






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