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CODE:RED is a project which investigates and discusses aspects of prostitution and sex work as a specific form of parallel economy. It used real and virtual spaces and takes the form of an open dialog between artists, sex workers and the public. The cooperation consist of activism, public interventions and actions, media viruses and performances. CODE:RED (2000 - 2004) project intends above all to give an introduction to the economic and political ideas to new social practices and artistic applications. It is a model of cognitive mapping that gives sex workers a chance to speak out and be seen in new context. Sex work can no longer be viewed as a local or national urban phenomenon; it is international, involving multi-cultural groups and it is global. Sex worker's vulnerability to human and labour rights violations is greater than of others because of the stigma and criminal charges widely attached to sex work. Prostitution and sex work should be protected, regarded and classified as informal, parallel economy with all rights. P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art is interested in analysing and research of analogues economic models: those of isolated groups, social minorities and marginal societies.




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