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Street Economy | Lampadedromia PR 04 | Autonomous Territory II. Mexico City |
P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Public Sculpture | Kings of the Street 


public sculpture

public sculpture

public sculpture


You have undoubtedly noticed, at particular times of the year on the streets of various city centers, certain mound-like forms that appear overnight and then after only a few days are gone. After analyzing and investigating this phenomenon more carefully we have come to the following conclusions:

  • PPS originates spontaneously in urban environments: on streets, in courtyards, next to apartment towers, by garden fences, in apartment-block communities and neighborhoods.
  • PPS originates as the result of the exchange and gift economies of the local population and is linked to the micro-economy and micro-ecology of relationships.
  • PPS directly reflects economic wealth/poverty, personal taste, and creativity.
  • PPS is a temporary form. It changes constantly through unloading, shifting, adding, removing, and so on.

A sequence of offering and exchange is created before our very eyes, and PPS originates as a by-product of these processes. Conclusion: PPS is an example of détournement in its purest form ("all elements, taken from whatsoever, can become the object of new realities").


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