CODE:RED Sector Graz

Presentation and Discussion
Tadej Pogacar, P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum, Ljubljana
Bandana Pattanaik, Global Alliance Agains Traffic in
Women (GAATW), Bangkok
April 8th, 2003 7 p.m.
Forum Stadtpark Graz,Stadpark 1,Graz

CODE:RED Sector Graz
March - May 2003
Forum Stadtpark, Graz
April 8th,7 p.m.

The aim of the project is to rethink urban and public
space, map and re-map urban conditions in Graz, with
an emphasis on the theme of urban minorities: their
public status, connections, their public
appearance.Our research will plot new coordinates for
the city (indicating certain key locations) and track
the urban social conditions. This will be an example
of subjective geography, which, in the tradition of
urban ethnography and the SI, understands and
practices immediate physical experience as the most
effective method of research. The second part of the
research is focused on communications network of
organisations involved in the protection of sex
workers in Austria. This part of the project will
include public presentations by experts from the
fields of social work, economics, etc. and exhibition.
The theme of the lectures will focus on problems
relating to parallel economies, the organizational
forms of marginal groups, and the current issue of
migrant sex workers in Austria.






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