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School's Out!
School's Out!

School's Out!


School ' s Out project investigate various forms of knowledge systems and strategies/tactics of hidden domination and control at school. The project opens different questions within sociological and cultural references on position of educational systems and educational institutions in society.
The project was conceived as a site-specific project that rearranged internal school elements (teaching tools, school aids, information system and artefacts) found at the location. Within the project we built collaboration with the pupils of the high school, to involve them into the preparation of the project.
Installation reflects the interest how we absorb, communicate, and transmit knowledge and how the knowldge plays the central role in our current cultural and social discourse. In the main corridor we used fragments of text (recent researchs on education) and juxtaposed it with the school aids, objects etc. Text and objects formed new meanings that veers between recognition and abstraction.
Discreet interventions and constructed environments in the school' s classrooms did not interrupt the regular rhythm of lessons and visitors could only view the project in the racess periods during school breaks.


> realised by
P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art

> in collaboration with:
Šentvid grammar school

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